pandemic is way from being addressed , while the worldwide
economy has only recently begun to get over the shock. In these dark times,

  many of you would possibly be wondering what Forex pairs to trade 2021, the year that's getting to be characterized by more uncertainty as there's no guarantee that the vaccination would pan out and the way it might affect the geopolitics and Forex markets. to assist you navigate through these troubled waters, we've handpicked 10 major Forex pairs that hold the promise of active price action and significant yields in 2021. 


 EUR/USD We begin our 2021 price prediction with the analysis of EUR/USD, the main currency pair in Forex that reflects the occurrences within the world’s two largest economic powers, aside from China, of course. The coronavirus crisis has had a devastating effect on the economies of both the Eurozone and therefore the us in 2020, causing a severe drop by GDP and a pointy spike within the percentage in Western and Southern Europe, also because the Scandinavian countries, as per data provided by Eurostat. The GDP has seen an enormous decline because it had plunged from 1.5% to -7.4%, which marked the foremost severe recession in decades, worse even than that in the 2008 global depression . The pandemic had hit the service sector the toughest , especially the accommodation and food services, because the total turnover during this sector had declined by 55.4% within the EU and as many as 57% across the Eurozone. The emergence of the mutated sort of COVID-19 within the UK that began to spread rapidly across Europe and led to the second iteration of lockdown didn’t do any good for the EU economy either, whereas the controversy-filled presidential elections within the us , and therefore the uncertainty round the next stimulus package and Biden’s domestic and foreign policies have kept EUR/USD within the bearish zone. Now, let’s analyze things round the most traded Forex pair on the monthly chart. Here we see that the worth had actually made an escape out of the descending channel, 



within the confines of which the worth had existed since 2008, the start of the worldwide recession. The first sign of downtrend reversal came when the buyers had successfully defended the extent at 1.100 during the amount of unprecedented selling pressure that reflected during a huge bearish trading volume and therefore the subsequent emergence of an ascending wedge, which offers this market a further bullish bias. additionally , the MACD indicator is now the foremost bullish since late 2017, which provides us enough reason to believe that in 2021, this major Forex market will see the increase to 1.4 on the backdrop of partial economic recovery after the pandemic subsides. But before that, the worth might choose the retest of support at 1.150 or consolidation around 1.2 since there’s not enough bullish volume immediately to support a big move to the upside.